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PharmaCodes Consultancy We provide a high quality adaptable consultancy service, tailored to your company needs:

Compliance advice on specific topics, answering questions relating to promotional and non-promotional activities. This may be either specific to the UK or for pan European and international campaigns

Compliance policies and compliance related SOPs, reviewing or revising existing SOPs or designing new ones. These can be either UK specific to meet the requirements of the ABPI Code or designed to be used on a pan European or global basis thereby ensuring consistency across the region or world

Review of Promotional material and activities, advising on promotional campaigns and activities from concept stage through to final stage to determine compliance with Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI). Additionally we can undertake certification as the Medical Signatory for UK materials and activities.

For pan European campaigns we can advise on compliance with European Code (EFPIA) and national self regulatory codes and other regulatory requirements prior to their certification in the local market.

Compliance, Codes & Communications

Compliance, Codes and Communications 5th Edition:

If you want to spend less time concentrating on compliance and more time producing marketing campaigns, then this book is an invaluable tool.
Updated for the 2016 ABPI Code
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