International Compliance Trained Agency” Scheme (ICTAS®)

ICTAS It has become increasingly important for UK based agencies to have an up to date knowledge of both the ABPI Code of Practice and other national Codes that operate across the European region. In fact many pharmaceutical companies are making it a contractual requirement that agency staff is compliance trained on a regular basis. To address this issue, and in response to requests from our clients, we have developed the "International Compliance Trained Agency" Scheme (ICTAS®).

Who is eligible to join ICTAS?

Agencies that have received training from PharmaCodes Compliance during the past year or are about to receive training from PharmaCodes Compliance will be eligible to join ICTAS (terms and conditions apply).

Benefits of the scheme

Download a single page outline of ICTAS Benefits of ICTAS membership

Click to see a sample of the Summaries of ABPI Case Reviews offered to members of ICTAS®:
Cases Reviewed in December 2017 (Powerpoint)

Terms and conditions apply